Green Building Features


Energy Retrofits

In 2011, shortly after the building became substantially occupied, the HVAC sequence of operations was modified to operate the building in a more energy-efficient manner.  This modification to the programming saved a substantial annual amount of 116,957 kWh and $12,865.  An LED lighting retrofit was also performed in 2011.  Over 300 quartz lamps were changed to LED throughout the building.  This retrofit resulted in a reduction of 24,880 kWh and $2,727 annually.

Energy Management System

The building is equipped with a fully programmable, direct digital control (DDC) automation system which allows for full control of all of the HVAC and lighting systems. The system constantly controls, monitors, logs and alarms over 1,500 locations throughout the building. The system is available for viewing in the Building Engineering office.

The building’s fitness center is equipped with motion activated lighting and HVAC.  It is maintained at a comfortable temperature range when unoccupied.  When a tenant enters the fitness center, the space automatically goes into occupied mode and adjusts temperature to setpoint.