Tenant Handbook

Shower Rooms & Lockers


Shower rooms are located in the first floor service corridor next to the freight elevator. Each shower room includes lockers. Lockers are for short-term use only and will be emptied nightly by the janitorial staff.  Anything left in the lockers overnight may be retrieved from the Property Management Office on the next business day. Please do not leave personal hygiene products in the showers.  Remember, the showers and lockers are available for use by all tenants of 1515 Wynkoop so please be courteous and keep the shower rooms as clean and neat as possible.

To secure a locker for personal belongings, follow these steps:
1. Press “C” (Clear Button) on the bottom left of the keypad.
2. Enter any 4-digit code.
3. Press “Key” Symbol (Lock/Unlock Button) on bottom right of keypad.
4. The locker is now locked.
To unlock, repeat the above instructions in the same order. Instructions for
locking/unlocking are also posted on the side of the lockers in the shower rooms