Parking at 1515 Wynkoop is for building and public use. Any vehicle found to be violating the posted signs will be towed from the premises. Additionally, any vehicles left on the premises for any extended period of time without pre-approval from the Property Management Office will be removed from the premises at the owner’s expense. 

Transponders are not to be re-assigned from one employee to the next without first notifying the parking garage management company and filling out an additional parking information form. This is required for security and safety purposes and allows Property Management to maintain accurate records. Please note that the transponders are equipped with an anti-passback feature which prohibits the ability to allow more than one car through the entry/exit terminal. Once a transponder has been read by one of the terminal sensors the transponder will not work again at that particular terminal until the transponder has been read by the other entry/exit terminal first. For example, if the transponder has been read on the entry terminal, it will not work again on the entry terminal until it has been read by the exit terminal (and vice versa). 

Based upon availability, tenants may elect to lease additional reserved and unreserved parking spaces (beyond those stipulated in the lease) in the garage on a month-to-month basis.